August 2017's Selection - Avuá Amburana Cachaça

Avua Cachaca bottles

This month's delivery has come all the way from Brazil to our subscribers' doorsteps, more than 5,000 miles. In the U.K. you’re most likely to have come across cachaça (pronounced “kah-shash-ah”) as the base spirit in a caipirinha cocktail. This cachaça is a little special ­however. It’s aged in a local Brazilian wood called amburana, from which it takes on flavours very different to the ones whisky or bourbon drinkers will know from oak. It’s perfect to sip on a warm evening. Here's Nate Whitehouse from Avuá (pronounced “av-wah”) to tell you more:

Avuá was born out of the melting pot of New York City. When ­American Nate Whitehouse moved to the city he fell in with a crowd of ex-pat ­Brazilians and was introduced to their music and culture, including cachaça. With their interest piqued, Nate and co-founders Peter Nevenglosky and Mark Christou flew down to Brazil in 2011 to learn more. After meeting dozens of producers and tasting hundreds of samples they discovered Katia Espírito Santo and her cachaça estate in Carmo, four hours north of Rio de Janeiro. 

The farm has been in Katia’s family since 1923, producing cachaça all that time. Katia learned to distill from her father, who thought she would be better at it than her brothers. Katia grows sugarcane and ­distills cachaça on the farm, using a water wheel to crush the harvested cane to extract the juices. The juice is fermented for less than 24 hours with yeast found in the local environment, before being distilled in a copper pot still. 

Avuá aims to "challenge the perception of the cachaça category as a one-trick caipirinha pony." Sounds good to us!