September 2017's Selection - Bimber Oak Aged Vodka

Bimber Aged Vodka bottle

Our mission to bring the world’s finest spirits to your doorstep has led us ­closer to home this month: the Park Royal neighbourhood of West London. 

The Bimber Distillery was founded in 2015 by Dariusz Płażewski, a ­London-dwelling Pole who had already set up a successful construction and home renovation ­business. Dariusz learnt to distill at a young age using small equipment with his friends in the woods of Poland. This history inspired the name ­Bimber, which means moonshine in Polish. The distillery, whose ­eagle-head logo is a flipped version of the one on the Polish flag, bottled its first ­vodka in early 2016. 

Sipping Liquor box with Bimber Vodka

Bimber’s Oak Aged Vodka is inspired by a traditional Polish vodka variation called starka. For at least 400 years, people in Poland and Lithuania have been taking rye-grain vodka, ageing it in oak barrels and infusing it with the leaves of fruit trees. Like whisky, rum or brandy, the spirit darkens over time as it draws colour and flavour from the oak.

Dariusz wanted to put a modern spin on starka. Bimber takes a wheat ­vodka and matures it in old Woodford Reserve bourbon casks for six months. While ageing, the spirit is also infused with cinnamon, vanilla and dried cloves, the sorts of ingredients more usually found in a spiced rum.