November 2017's Selection - San Cosme Mezcal

San Cosme Mezcal bottle

To counter the November blues we’ve headed back to the Americas in search of a fine, exotic spirit to share with you. Our chosen drink is San Cosme Mezcal, all the way from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Founded by four friends in 2011, San Cosme takes its name from the patron saint of doctors and pharmacists, based on folklore about the drink’s healing properties. Mexicans have a saying which translates as “For every ill, mezcal, and for every good as well”. Sounds good to us!

San Cosme is produced on an old hacienda estate in Santiago de Matatlán -- the self-professed world capital of mezcal -- and everything from agave plant cultivation to bottling and sealing occurs here. It is a truly artisanal product, capturing Oaxacan craft and tradition in a bottle. 

San Cosme Mezcal Sipping Liquor