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October 2017's Selection - Kuro Gin
Kuro Gin bottle

What could be more pleasant on a cosy autumnal evening than a glass of aromatic, Japanese-inspired gin mixed with a fine tonic? Introducing Kuro London Dry Gin, Sipping Liquor's October selection. 

Following a snowboarding trip to the Hakuba region of Japan, British founder Craig Fell and his business partner John Thompson wanted to create a distinctive London dry gin that captures the essence of the Japanese Alps. After many iterations they achieved this by adding to the base recipe an earthy selection of botanicals (natural flavouring ingredients) not usually associated with gin: silver birch bark, bamboo and spruce needles.

Sipping Liquor box with Kuro Gin and Double Dutch Gin

Curbing the usual sweetness found in modern, citrus-focussed gins these ingredients create a very smooth, fresh, aromatic note which expects a lot of the palate but very much rewards it.

The name Kuro means “black” in Japanese and was inspired by the colour of the bamboo activated charcoal used in production. 

Our members also found in October's box two bottles of Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic Water which superbly complements this unique gin.