June 2019's Selection – Thameside Rum


With summer arriving we thought it was high time to revisit the world of sugar-based spirits in all their approachably complex deliciousness. Enter our June delivery: Thameside Rum's Signature Blend. 

We were attracted by Thameside's commitment to openness about the provenance of its liquor – something that's often sadly lacking in the rum world – as well as its mellow but complex palate.

Thameside signature blend rum

The name Thameside is supposed to evoke the traditional importing and blending warehouses that dotted the banks of the river running through London in the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly supplying rum to the thirsty sailors of the British Navy.

It's a blend of rums produced in Britain's former colonies in the Caribbean then shipped over the Atlantic – just like in centuries past.

Founder Matt Perkins got into rum while visiting his brother in the British Virgin Islands. Amazingly, he went on to build the brand from scratch while working a day job in financial services. We for one are very glad he found the time!